Asset Raising

We take a meticulous approach to increasing assets under management and thereby growing our fund managers’ business.

Our approach is underpinned by extensive local relationships combined with strong technical selling abilities and a clear understanding of the asset raising process.

Our Asset Raising Process

Phase 1

Review genuine prospects – detailed investor notes to Partner Fund Manager

Daymer Bay Capital

Match Strategy against known investor priorities

Introductory meeting & follow up Strategy collateral

First sales meeting – Strategy pitch

Phase 2


Daymer Bay Capital &
Partner Fund Managers

Roadshow face-to-face meetings Investment Team to pitch to prospective investors

Follow-up conference calls and meetings as required

Monthly factsheets, briefings and market insights

Phase 3

Defend / build assets

Daymer Bay Capital

Ensure investment mechanisms in place (e.g. share class, platforms, etc.)

Project Manage on-boarding process

Client servicing and communication


  • Targeted distribution of fund managers’ marketing collateral.

  • Development and constant improvement of all marketing materials.

  • Organisation of events including breakfast briefings, round tables and investor conferences.

  • Press and publicity and digital marketing.

Client Servicing and Retention

We are the bridge which links our partner Fund Managers with their European investors.

We see the retention of hard-won assets as an essential aspect of what we do. We build and extend live investor relationships to maximise retention and cross sales potential.

  • Maintain an active dialogue with fund buyers.

  • Provide timely and clear passage of information.

  • Convene meetings and conference calls.

Market Intelligence

Our primary focus is to sell existing strategies and we add further value by using our extensive understanding of regional investor trends to guide partner product development.

We help our managers plan future asset raising campaigns and then ensure full realisation of profit potential. We understand what it takes to support and maintain a profitable international distribution business and are able to recommend and introduce the right, reputation-enhancing service providers.